Committee investigating Capitol Hill gives Trump more time to hand over documents

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The House select committee investigating the January 6, 2021 attack on the United States Capitol released a statement Friday giving former President Donald Trump more time to deliver documents that were subpoenaed to him, but offering little explanation as to why the extension was granted.

“We have informed the former president’s attorney that he is expected to begin producing records by next week and remains under subpoena for deposition effective November 14,” the committee said in the statement.

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The panel subpoenaed Trump last month, seeking a wide range of documents through this Friday, and for Trump to testify beginning Nov.

The committee also said it “received correspondence from the former president and his attorney in connection with the Select Committee subpoena” but did not provide additional information.

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THE CNN contacted Trump and his lawyers for comment.

Trump’s lawyers accepted the committee’s subpoena service on Oct. 26, according to sources familiar with the matter. Trump criticized the committee but did not say whether he would comply with the subpoena.

On the day the subpoena was announced, Trump’s attorney David Warrington said in a statement that the committee was “disrespecting the rules and proper and customary process” in publicly releasing the subpoena and that his legal team would “respond as appropriate.” to this unprecedented action”.

Trump’s lawyers chosen to handle the committee’s subpoena demands are coordinating with other members of the former president’s legal team as they determine how to proceed, according to a source familiar with the matter.

Despite operating as two separate teams, attorneys who are focused on addressing the committee’s subpoena are consulting with attorneys representing Trump in the Justice Department’s January 6 criminal investigation, the source said, noting that there are areas of potential overlap. between the two separate legal parties.

Source: CNN Brasil

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