Volvo upgrades VNR Electric truck with 85% more range

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Although most of the innovations in the field of electric vehicles are aimed at the development of passenger cars, individual companies are also working towards improving freight transport on electric vehicles. For example, Volvo Trucks, a subsidiary of Volvo Cars, has officially unveiled an updated version of the all-electric VNR Electric truck to the world, which now boasts an impressive range on a single battery charge – this was achieved thanks to vehicle versions with six built-in batteries at once.

The first generation of VNR Electric electric trucks were equipped with just four built-in batteries in 4×2, 6×2 and 6×4 wheelbase configurations. Then the manufacturer said that the working distance of the truck is 240 kilometers – for the United States, where the vehicle was introduced back in 2020, this is too small a range to compete with ICE competitors. The updated version of the truck already uses six batteries, which boast a total capacity of 565 kWh. This, according to the manufacturer, is enough for the second generation VNR Electric to travel up to 440 kilometers on a single charge – this is 85% more than the first generation.

Moreover, the manufacturer has implemented an energy recovery system when braking an electric car, and charging thanks to new technologies will take much less time. For example, the new VNR Electric supports charging with a total capacity of 250 kW – charging from 0 to 80% in a model with 6 batteries takes only 90 minutes. Of course, this does not go to any comparison with refueling an internal combustion engine truck, but the figures are still quite decent. And the new version of the electric truck has a total power plant capacity of 455 horsepower with a maximum acceleration of up to 109 km / h – it won’t work on the highway, but the ride will be safer. Including due to special driver assistance technologies, advanced radar, traffic analysis cameras and other protective mechanisms.

And, best of all, the company does not plan to delay the production of the second generation VNR Electric – the production of the updated truck is scheduled for the second quarter of 2022 in New River Valley, USA. With such strong moves towards electric trucks, Volvo’s plan to produce at least 50% of electric trucks by 2030 looks quite feasible.

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