Waack: There are two lessons brought by Uruguay to the giants Argentina and Brazil

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Modern, flexible and open to the world. This is how we want to deal with external interests, especially in terms of trade.

These words are not from the Brazilian president, nor from the Argentine president, they are from the president of Uruguay – who today fought Brasília and Buenos Aires.

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Uruguay wants a free trade agreement with China, and, let’s say, what the big countries inside Mercosur think is screwed.

Lula went to Uruguay today to try to convince his Uruguayan colleague Luis Lacalle to take a break from these talks with China. He did not make it.

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The Brazilian president ended up making a vague promise to little Uruguay to come to an understanding, via Mercosur, with the European Union. And then, via Mercosur, with China.

It’s conversation for Uruguayans to sleep. Agreements with the European Union hang on complex issues, especially regarding protectionist postures on both sides.

There are two important lessons brought by little Uruguay to the giants Argentina and Brazil. The first is that the block is paralyzed and with time working against it. The second is that big speeches and fine words no longer have any effect on someone, like Uruguay, who wants to deal with what interests him right away.

Source: CNN Brasil

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