Waack: US ‘Supercannon’ Helps Ukraine Hold Russians Back

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The arrival of a US artillery piece in Eastern Europe has helped Ukraine to slow the advance of Russian troops through its territory. This is the M-777 Howitzer cannon, an equipment capable of accurately hitting targets at a distance of over 30 kilometers.

With a caliber of 155 millimeters, this is the most powerful artillery piece in combat at the moment. And for the first time, Russia’s celebrated artillery, which is said to be the most powerful in the world, is facing an equal duel.

The M-777 fires guided ammunition. That is, it is not simply a projectile that is thrown a distance. High accuracy occurs because there is a digital fire guidance system.

And, even weighing more than four tons, the ‘supercannon’ is considered to be a light piece, as it can be maneuvered quickly. The shooting capacity is also high: up to five times per minute.

The Ukrainians attribute to the M-777 a large part of the losses imposed on the Russians, such as armored cars fired from more than 20 kilometers away. And this is slowing down Russia’s offensive.

See images from the three months of the war in Ukraine:


Source: CNN Brasil

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