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Wagner founder accuses pro-Russian forces of trying to blow up his men

THE Russian founder of the mercenary organization Wagner, Yevgeny Prigozhin, who has been at odds with the army leadership for months, escalated his confrontation today, accusing pro-Russian forces of trying to blow up his men. The members of Wagner have almost withdrawn from the eastern city of Bahamut Ukrainian, having captured most of it last month, having suffered heavy losses. They surrendered their positions to units of the Russian regular army.

In his Telegram post, Prigozhin claims that his men they discovered twelve points in the rear where Ministry of Defense officials had placed various explosive devices, including hundreds of anti-tank mines. When asked why, they told him that this was the order they received from their superiors.

“There was no need for them to place these explosives to deter the enemy since (this area) was in the rear. Therefore, we can assume that these explosives were intended for Wagner’s advanced units,” he claimed according to the Athens News Agency.

None of the explosive devices detonated and no one was injured, he clarified, adding: “We assume this was an attempt at public flogging.”
Russia’s defense ministry was not available for comment.

Prigozhin, who often complained that his men were not given ammunition for the attack on Bahamutsaid on Wednesday that he had asked prosecutors to investigate whether high-ranking officials in the Russian armed forces committed any “crime” before or during the war in Ukraine.

Source: News Beast

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