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War in Ukraine: Bombings in Sievierodonetsk – Anything that can be used for defense is destroyed

Heavy bombardment took place in the eastern Sievierodonetsk Of Ukraine with Russian forces destroying “anything that can be used for defense,” said Luhansk local governor Serhiy Gaidai.

The Russians The Athenian News Agency reports that they are bombing areas of strategic importance in the city that are still under Ukrainian control, but Ukrainian forces will be able to “clear” when they receive large-scale artillery systems, the governor said.

The Russian forces while the war continues trying to occupy the industrial city of eastern Ukraine for weeks. The city is important for the overall control of the Donbas Valley. According to the governor of Luhansk, Russian forces have gained ground in recent days and control “much of the city.”

Speaking yesterday about the battle in Sivierondonetsk, the President of Ukraine stated that “this is a very hard battle, probably one of the hardest of the war. “In many ways, the fate of Donbass is being judged there.”

Πόλεμος στην ΟυκρανίαΠόλεμος στην ΟυκρανίαWar in Ukraine

“We could recapture Sievirodonetsk”

Ukrainian forces are still in control of the industrial zone and neighboring areas of the eastern Ukrainian city of Sivierodonetsk, and the situation is “difficult but manageable,” said city mayor Oleksandr Stryuk.

The lines of defense are resilient, despite the heavy Russian bombardment, but it is now impossible to evacuate the civilians.

About 10,000 people remain in the city, which is the focus of the Russian offensive in Ukraine.

«Ukrainian forces could retake the city in 2, 3 days, once they have Western long-range artillery systems at their disposal“, Said Serhi Gaidai.

Ukraine urges Western countries to launch long-range multi-role missile systems. The United States has announced the deployment of four Himars systems with high accuracy and a range of 80 kilometers, which is slightly longer than the corresponding Russian weapons systems, according to experts.

But Washington says it wants to make sure Ukrainian troops are able to use those weapons properly before sending more, according to US Army Chief of Staff General Mark Miley.

The United Kingdom has also announced sending a corresponding MLRS multi-launcher missile system.

Source: News Beast

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