War in Ukraine: ‘Eastern Front’ Collapses – New Mass Attack by Russia

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The information of the Ukrainian authorities about a mass attack on Ukrainewhile the Russia launched coordinated military operations on all fronts and beyond occupies a lot of territory quite quickly.

According to a bbc.com article, Moscow controls almost all of it North until the Luhansk -except for a small part- while it has almost cut off Ukraine’s access to the sea, after encircling the Mariupol. Ukrainian evacuation plans Βολνοβάχα and Mariupol were quickly abandoned, while in Russian hands fall several territories outside Kyiv, mainly to the west.

Only the Kyiv, Kharkiv and Odessa from the big cities, are said to be free and under the control of the Ukrainian army, while the Mariupol is excluded on the basis of analytical, because it is considered a matter of time its fall, since it has been almost leveled, it is surrounded from everywhere, while mainly in the city civilians are trapped and not military forces.

Maps of the British medium show that east front Ukraine has collapsed, as key cities are under Russian control. Nevertheless, the Ukrainians hope, because they control it capital city and Kharkivwhile so far they have kept it intact western part of the country.

The following are BBC maps of the situation on the Ukrainian front:

The areas completely controlled by Russia are in red. The areas he recently occupied are in striped color

Source: News Beast

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