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War in Ukraine: Kiev claims to have ‘broken’ Russian defense line at Bakhmut

The Ukrainian forces breached the Russian defense line near Bakhmut, the commander of the Kiev ground forces claimed today, general Alexander Shirsky.

After the recapture of the communities of Andriivka and Klitsiivka “the enemy’s defense line has been breachedSirsky said, according to the Army Press Center. These villages “were an important element on the Russian defense line stretching from Bakhmut to Gorlifka,” he added.

Three Russian brigades, the 72nd, 31st and 83rd, “were destroyed and have completely lost their ability to fight“, in the clashes that took place near Bahamut, according to the general. Sirsky admitted, however, that “the general situation in the eastern zone remains complex” and “fierce fighting near Bahamut continues».

After losing the two communities, Russian soldiers attempted “several counterattacks” in the hope of regaining their positions as they prepare to resume their attacks further north in the Kupyansk and Liman zone, Sirsky said.

THE Ukraine announced on Friday recapture of Andriivka and on Sunday that of Klitsiivka, located to the south of Bahamut. The city, which had a population of 70,000 before the Russian invasion in February 2022, was captured by the Russians last May after months of bloody fighting.

In June, Ukraine launched a counteroffensive to regain lost territory after receiving Western weapons and training new brigades.

Source: News Beast

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