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War in Ukraine: Over 400 civilian bodies found in Kherson

The Ukrainian authorities report that in Kherson Ukrainian more than 400 bodies were found on liberated lands civilianswho were killed by the Russian army.

“According to the data of the Attorney General’s Office, the existence has been confirmed nine torture chambers in the liberated lands of the Kherson area. Also, 432 bodies were foundthese are civilians who had killed them,” wrote Interfax Ukraina characteristically.

In fact, the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Andrei Kostin noted that the mine threat in liberated territories remains high. “Many land and buildings remain that are mined. Also, the attacker continues the mortar shelling,” he said.

Kostin stated that in the Kherson area 12 teams of prosecutors and investigators work togetherassisted by experts from the Attorney General’s Office.

Source: News Beast

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