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We don’t know if there will be a 3rd list, says Brazilian who had relatives banned from leaving Gaza

Israel’s veto of 24 people on the list of 102 names sent by Brazil meant that some previously authorized to leave the Gaza Strip gave up the trip and remained alongside their family members who were prohibited from leaving the conflict area.

Israeli permission was given to 78 Brazilians and close relatives, but at the end of negotiations, only 47 crossed the Rafah crossing.

The group is on its way to Cairo, the capital of Egypt, where they will be rescued by a Brazilian Air Force plane.

The hope now is that the Brazilian government can still intercede for a third list of repatriates.

Uncertainty, however, increases given the intensification of attacks in southern Gaza.

“We don’t know what will happen, we don’t know if there will be a third list. We have no answers,” said trader Imad Ahmed Shaheen, 37, who had been waiting for a month to evacuate his family from the Gaza Strip.

This Saturday (9), the merchant was informed by his mother, Basema Shaheen, aged 55, that she had given up on the trip to be with her husband Imad Ahmed Shaheen, aged 55, and brother Ibrahim Emad Ahmed Shaheen, aged 17. . The two are among the 24 people vetoed by Israel.

“My mother told me that she didn’t travel so as not to leave my brother and father. Is very sad. She is crying, she is very scared because of the Israeli attacks on Rafah,” the trader told CNN this Saturday afternoon.

According to Itamaraty, of the 24 vetoed by Israel, seven are people with Brazilian citizenship. Diplomatic sources claim that there was no explanation for the vetoes.

Of the 47 people who left Gaza, 11 Brazilian-Palestinian binationals and 36 Palestinians. In addition, there are 27 minors, 16 women, including two elderly women, and four adult men.

The group will spend the night in Cairo, from where it is scheduled to leave on Sunday for the Brasília Air Base aboard the FAB plane.

Source: CNN Brasil

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