Wedding guest sparks storm for ‘cheap’ look – ‘The attack got out of hand’ she says

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An Australian woman has hit back after being attacked for the outfit she chose to wear to a Wedding, speaking of reactions that are “out of control”. Lacey Jade Christie from Melbourne showed off the dress she wore to her friends’ wedding via her social media accounts and will receive a lot of criticism from commenters.

There were not a few who characterized her appearance as “cheap” and too “revealing”with herself – a self-proclaimed body-positive model and influencer – responding via that people were “too quick to judge”.

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“I think it’s really interesting that people can see a picture or a video of a stranger on the internet and make crazy assumptions. Not only that, but the level at which they expect others to live up to their own traditions and expectations is impressive.

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“Honestly, when I ordered it dress I thought some people might get upset because I’m wearing white but I never expected so many people to have a problem and the situation would get out of control. I felt great and I knew the brides wouldn’t have an issue with the dress so I didn’t even think about other people’s opinions. I just left the house and it felt fantastic.”

Source: News Beast

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