Weddings in 2022 should move BRL 40 billion, party platform points out

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This year’s weddings should yield approximately R$ 40 billion for the sector, a value higher than that recorded in 2019. now and the usual demand for the year, vendors and ceremonialists estimate that demand for services related to the party has tripled this year.

To cope, several businessmen in the field opened an agenda to offer services on weekdays. Before, the movement in the sector was concentrated on weekends.

The data comes from the platform, a website that connects industry suppliers and engaged couples.

The month of May is popularly the month of brides and wedding parties. Because it is considered one of the best seasons due to the weather, the month has the most popular dates on the market. This year, with the retreat of the pandemic and the resumption of festivities, May 14 was one of the most chosen dates by couples to celebrate love.

Each party has an average value in Brazil of R$ 40 thousand. The wedding dresses alone cost, on average, R$ 4,900 for the couple. But most of the investment is still with the space and with the buffet, which have average prices of R$ 8 thousand and R$ 10 thousand, respectively.

The Midwest region of the country has the most expensive parties, costing, on average, R$ 44,352 thousand. The Southeast comes soon after, with the value of R$ 39,990 thousand. The Northeast and the South have R$ 37,848 thousand and R$ 37,510 thousand, respectively. In the North, the average for the party is R$ 24,750.

According to the Transparency Portal, in 2019, there were almost one million registered marriages. Now, in 2022, about 320,000 have already been carried out, which corresponds to more than 30% of the unions celebrated before the pandemic.

Source: CNN Brasil

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