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Week in “Renascer” will have Sandra’s chaotic wedding and Buba’s reunion

After revealing that she is pregnant with João Pedro (Juan Paiva) in the remake of “Renascer”, Sandra (Giullia Buscacio) will prepare to become the boy's wife. However, such a union will cause great discord between the families.

In turn, Buba (Gabriela Medeiros) will open up more about her past and, with the arrival of chapter 100 of the soap opera, the character will experience an unprecedented plot: the reunion with her parents.

Check out everything that will happen this week in “Renascer”:

Mariana despairs about marriage

Marina in "Reborn"

Even though married to José Inocêncio (Marcos Palmeira), the character will not hide her discomfort at João Pedro's marriage to Sandra. This situation will cause Mariana (Theresa Fonseca) cry desperately.

Upon seeing her in this situation, the protagonist will become uncomfortable and state that his wife's adoration for his son has crossed the line. Going further, the granddaughter of Colonel Belarmino (Antonio Calloni) will still threaten to leave his partner, but he will be left face down in the face of Inocêncio's reaction.

Characters try to convince João Pedro not to get married

The news that João Pedro and Sandra's wedding will take place will alarm many characters. Inocêncio will be the main one to oppose the union. In the farmer's view, marriage will represent a set-up of Egidio (Vladmir Brichta).

Even though Pastor Livio (Breno da Matta) try to ease up, the protagonist won't listen and will refuse to attend the event. Even Damian (Shaman) will give his advice and advise João not to marry Sandra.

However, the good guy won't care about anyone's opinion and will continue with the plan of making his union official with the woman who is expecting his child.

Egídio is interested in marriage

While many will fear retaliation from Egídio because of the marriage, the villain will show interest in the lands of his great rival.

Trying to maintain a good relationship with his daughter to take advantage of the union, the character will still put his foot down when ensuring that he was not responsible for her death. José Venâncio (Rodrigo Simas). Despite showing support, Egídio will be prevented from attending the wedding.

Dona Patroa and Rachid think about each other

After an intense connection with Rachid (Almir Sater) during his visit to the Jacutinga (Juliana Paes) to see Sandra, Mistress Boss (Camila Morgado) will not be able to forget the Turk.

When she finds herself thinking about the character, the housewife will be afraid of being in love with him. Likewise, José Inocêncio's friend will not be able to get Dona Patroa out of his head and will miss her.

Bento mediates agreement between rivals

Responsible for thinking about bureaucracy due to marriage, José Bento (Marcello Melo Jr.) will notice that his brother could harm himself financially by marrying Sandra.

Therefore, he will make an agreement with Egídio, who will agree to pass his lands into his daughter's name, in exchange for a contract with José Inocêncio, who will exclusively sell all his cocoa production to him.

Buba meets his parents

When remembering the past and how she was kicked out of the house, Buba will make a call to her parents. Right off the bat, Meire (Malu Galli), his mother, will answer the call, but will be reprimanded for Humberto (Guilherme Fontes), father of the psychologist.

Feeling the new rejection, the girl will travel in the company of Augustus (Renan Monteiro) for his Christmas trip, where he will meet his parents.

Damião generates intrigue between Ritinha and Eliana

Damião will continue as a great partner Eliana (Sophie Charlotte), who will ask for her lover's support to get her ex-husband's land. In the meantime, Inácia (Edvana Carvalho) will advise Ritinha (Mell Muzzillo) asking for a divorce.

Quite shaken by the situation of her marriage, the young woman will think about the matter, but will end up in a big argument with Eliana because of the gangster.

Rachid tells about Marianinha

In a conversation with Sandra, the Turk will bring back memories of Marianinha his deceased wife and sister of Maria Santa (Duda Santos).

Given the suspicions that Teak (Lívia Silva) may be related to Inocêncio's ex-wife's family, he will remember that Marianinha had a son, who grew up and disappeared into the world, never giving news again.

Source: CNN Brasil

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