What altcoins should you pay attention to right now?

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Over the past month, Bitcoin has fallen in price by almost 5%. Altcoin quotes also declined. Ethereum for the same period fell by 13%, Binance Coin lost 20% in price, and the cost of Cardano fell by 14%, writes RBC Crypto.

Experts have named tokens that look promising for purchase at the moment.

The main principle of portfolio theory is to add assets with the least correlation with each other, reminded Sergey Zhdanov, CEO of the EXMO crypto exchange. According to him, this principle is not easy to apply in the cryptocurrency market, since Bitcoin often has a strong influence on other coins.

The assets that correlate the least with bitcoin are, first of all, coins that have positive internal events: blockchain updates, smart contracts launch, development of exchange services, etc., Zhdanov explained. He referred to such tokens Ethereum and Cardano.

According to the expert, at the moment Cardano and Polkadot – these are the most promising projects, since if the roadmaps are successfully implemented, they have real chances to become a competitor to Ethereum. Mikhail Karkhalev, financial analyst at Currency.com crypto exchange, agreed with this. He also predicted that in the near future Polkadot may rise in price against the background of the introduction of parachains. The analyst added that at the moment he considers Litecoin.


“In my opinion, $ 140 for a coin that is rightfully considered digital silver is a low cost,” the analyst said.


Xena Financial Systems CEO Anton Kravchenko advised to pay attention to such projects as Solana and Compound… According to him, the fall in Solana quotes after the collapse of the crypto market slowed down, and the Compound rate had already turned around and the coin began to recover its value.

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