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What cringe! Driver fights with his companions LIVE and threatens a

Gustavo Adolfo Infante, host of the Mexican program the sun rises, starred in a fight with his companions Joanna Vega-Biestro and Ana María Alvarado. The events occurred entirely live.

Infante assured that the drivers wanted to discredit him, but they argued that they only had a different opinion and even told him that he was the one who did not accept other opinions. The fact caused controversy on social networks and the driver had to offer a public apology.

It all started when the drivers presented a note about Sherlyn and Giovanni Medina and in the midst of the opinions, the journalist stated that he constantly receives discredits of his work from his colleagues.

I already disliked that they are always discrediting my work.

Given his words and tone of voice, Ana María replied that it was not the right way or space to complain and added that his opinions are part of his job, but that it is not necessary that they always agree with him.

The discussion escalated and the journalist threatened Joanna Vega with removing her from the program. In addition, she said that she would talk to her bosses so that they could decide who they would stay with: them or him.

So, from this moment on, I’m going to ask the company to take this program away from me because I can’t be here with Joanna.

Joanna Vega was not silent and confronted the driver directly.

So you’re threatening me on the air? Wow, look, Gustavo, if you want to go to your arguments that a mother, how is it possible… we try to be as objective as possible and you, on the air, are threatening me.

The journalist ended the discussion by replying that he was not threatening anyone, he was simply saying what he would do. As expected, the discussion caused controversy in the media and social networks. Infante received criticism for his behavior and was branded as arrogant, haughty and misogynistic.

Later, Infante spoke about what happened and, through the program First hand, offered a public apology to viewers and colleagues.

For their part, neither Joanna nor Ana María have spoken on the subject, but it is expected that in the next few hours they will issue a statement or be interviewed about it.

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