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What does GEETHA say about the initial announcement that only spoke of wounded people in Libya

Clarifications are given by GEETHA regarding his initial announcement, which referred to injuries only and not to deaths of members of the Greek humanitarian mission in Libya. In particular, according to GEETHA sources, the initial information was based on the information provided by the Libyan authorities to the competent Greek authorities, in which it was categorically stated that there were no victims among the members of the Greek humanitarian aid mission.

“It is understandable that in the special conditions that prevailed on the field there was no other way of cross-referencing the relevant information, other than the information from the Libyan authorities through the diplomatic channel, since there was no mobile phone network in the area and the satellite phones that the Greek mission had with them were destroyed in the fire that followed the collision of the vehicles.

Later, the Libyan authorities, through the Ministry of Health, without prior information from the Greek side, made a statement in which members of the Greek mission were included among the victims“, the same sources emphasize and conclude:

“Considering the extremely sensitive issue of informing the families of the victims, the UNHRC should also have waited after the latest update from Libya and before issuing a corrective statement, for their relatives to be notified beforehand by the military authorities and not be informed of the sad news by the media. As soon as the relevant information was completed, the new announcement was issued.”

Source: News Beast

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