What does Sagittarius do when they fall in love

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Always looking for new destinations to explore, the born of Sagittario, with birthday between November 23 and December 21, they adore all that is adventure, discovery, travel, movement. And, of course, they hate feeling caged, not to mention their innate allergy to routine. But what does Sagittarius do when they fall in love? And who can steal his heart? We asked astrologer Terry Alaimo.

Sagittarius in love, the unmistakable signs

“Sagittarius is very independent, sometimes too much. Only when he falls in love is he willing to give up spaces of his beloved freedom. What he generally tends to do with his “prey” is to present himself as the best friend, without letting his emotions leak too much. The fact is that sees romance as useless sweetness and he much prefers to woo as if it were a game, showing off creativity, gab and a sense of humor. His tactic is as follows: get noticed for its brilliance and then invite him / her to share a long series of adventures. Don’t imagine a first date in a luxury restaurant, with starched tablecloths and a set of candles. Sagittarius is more for a trip out of town, maybe riding a mountain bike or motorbike. He loves the game of hunting and being a sensual fire sign, he very often manages to make the chosen person fall at his feet. But only if he is in love will he make the story last, otherwise he easily stays in the category of flirting without complications ».

Sagittarius, that’s who he falls in love with

“The one born in Sagittarius”, explains the astrologer, ” he tends to lose his mind over people animated by his own life energy, eager for adventure and movement. Often and willingly falls in love with the man or woman of theAries, a fire sign like him, with a super dynamic and straightforward personality, a quality he shares with Sagittarius. He could be captivated by a person’s seductive and somewhat elusive game Scorpio, being enchanted by his intuitive intelligence. Surprisingly, Sagittarius, so little to “fuss” (as he defines them) undergoes the charm of the romantic and moody Cancer, to be conquered with difficulty, hence the pleasure of the challenge to be won. Who absolutely does not tolerate are too rigid, fussy and down-to-earth signs, see under Capricorn and Virgo ».

Congratulations to all Sagittarius!

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