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What happened!? Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck separate by mutual consent days before their wedding

What happened!?  Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck separate by mutual consent days before their wedding

After announcing that they resumed their relationship 20 years after being a couple, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are the fashionable couple and have not stopped giving something to talk about, they have even been the protagonists of countless funny memes that have taken us out more than a loud laugh.

After announcing their wedding and the prenuptial contract that caused controversy was leaked, especially due to the intimacy clause between the artists and after getting married in Las Vegas, a few weeks ago, and then spending their honeymoon in Europe, a few hours, a source close to the couple reported that the newlyweds have decided to separate.

According to information provided by the source close to the 53-year-old singer, both celebrities are aware of the demands that their careers entail, so they have decided to take time apart to focus on their personal projects.

Ensuring that they do it for the good of both, because the couple affirms that being separated will help the relationship, since this will maintain the connection that exists between them and above all so that the magic is not lost. So Ben will be living in Los Angeles, while JLo will be moving to Europe.

The one thing that makes their relationship so unique is that they know better than anyone the demands that come with doing what they do. In fact, they believe that spending time apart makes them stronger and that’s perfect because when they’re not together, they’re making an extreme amount of money. It’s a win-win situation.

– Reported the source.

The news of the separation of the couple of the moment did not take long to resonate on social networks, where millions of users were surprised and, worried about the unexpected separation, began to speculate and draw their own conclusions, because just a few days ago, they were seen walking with their respective children, in the streets of Paris, France.

In addition, the person close to the couple assured that the newlyweds have talked a lot about the balance between their careers and their relationship, so after the honeymoon they decided to separate and work on their own.

However, despite the fact that they are far away at the moment, that does not mean that they are not in communication, since the person close to Bennifer assures that they speak every day, they message each other and they make video calls.

They are always talking, texting and video calling, when they are working apart. And the time they spend away from each other makes the reunion that much better. JLo loves the fact that her husband will be there for her no matter what.

Both Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are aware that they will not be together all the time and given how strange it may seem to be away a few days from their honeymoon, both agree that they have a lifetime ahead of them together and are enjoying every minute of their relationship, including the moments apart.

Source: Okchicas



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