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What Happens to Atomic Bombs When They Are Decommissioned – The Risk of Another Nuclear Disaster

The atomic bombs may be the most powerful weapon in the world and to hold a special place in their arsenal USA who used it first, but beyond their usefulness and safety, big questions arise with it withdrawal them, since they have an expiration date.

In fact, on the other side of the Atlantic, a related discussion has already started since the presidency of Barack Obama and is expected to become more intense during the term of Joe Biden, as end credits drop on B83 bomb.

It is dangerous“, says o Robert Alvarez, a nuclear expert who, from 1993 to 1999, during the Clinton administration was a policy adviser at the Department of Energy, which manages the nation’s nuclear weapons infrastructure. “And it is becoming more dangerous, as the quantities in the warehouses have increased“, he then adds.

Characteristically, the Clinton, Bush and Obama administrations all made plans – at a cost of billions of dollars – to get rid of excess plutonium stockpiles, but all failed.

So far, no solution has been found with the outbreak of war in Ukraine in combination with growing US-China rivalry, the future is uncertain as to whether there will actually be any change. Especially since the Joe Biden gave mandate to build the W93 bombso that replace B83 who retires.

Source: News Beast

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