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Big Brother Vip 7: Daniele Dal Moro “emergency hospitalized”. But what really happened to him?

To the Big Brother VIP, it is known, secrets are short-lived, and for this reason it is not surprising that the news of an alleged emergency hospitalization with an ambulance by Daniele Dal Moro has bounced around everywhere. In fact, during a heavy discussion with Edoardo Donnamaria, Dal Moro, accused by his fellow adventurer of having turned his back on him, spilled the beans by explaining that he was not in the right health conditions to face such a discussion. «I can’t get upset, last night they hospitalized me urgently”said Daniele making the spectators jump from their seats, who had not suspected anything of his hospitalization given that, in these cases, the Big Brother VIP try never to reveal the maneuvers of the organizational machine that moves in the shadows of the wings.


To tell the truth, there was a very timid indication that, suddenly, Daniele Dal Moro was absent for a couple of hours, later returning to the house without anyone being able to give reasons or explain the causes of this absence, due, to apparently, to a malaise that even required the intervention of an ambulance. «They hospitalized me tonight with flashing lights…”Daniele confessed to Micol Incorvaia before the direction of the Big Brother VIP promptly cut the audio leaving the audience hanging, but well aware of the problem. According to some Twitter users it would have been a panic attack due to stress and tense relationships within the House, but of course, no one can give us the certainty.


Shortly after the outburst with Donnamaria, who accused him of not believing in the love between him and Antonella Fiordelisi, Dal Moro took George Ciupilan aside and told him: “I’m one step away from death.” “Don’t look at me, I’m a broken vase, and there’s nothing to learn. In here you behave a bit like me: you’re on your own, a little closed off. You are a young boy, but take advantage of this opportunity: don’t care. Also because someone told me that your old reality show was a bomb». We know how much the confinement imposed by a reality show like the Big Brother VIP is difficult to manage, but we sincerely hope that the competitors live it in the right way: without too much pressure because – we know it well – the serious problems of life are others, certainly not a television programme.


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