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What is a Nexialist and how this type of professional is important at work

There is already much talk about the new professional profile expected to shape the world of the future: more human, more empathetic, more sensitive. Following this trend, universities are also preparing to put aside the idea of ​​forming exclusively technical profiles and start contributing to the formation of people who are more engaged with the issues of society as a whole.

But there is still much doubt about this new path. Would we stop being specialists and become generalists? Some scholars suggest precisely the middle way: the nexialismo.

In the new episode of the Alma do Negócios podcast, journalist Natália Daumas talks with Professor José Carlos de Souza Júnior, dean of the Instituto Mauá de Tecnologia. it describes what it is to be a nexialist professional.

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(* Posted by Diego Toledo)

Reference: CNN Brasil

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