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Meghan Markle, she is the most googled among the English royals (but not the most loved)

Recently posted by Time among the hundred most influential people in the world together with her husband Harry, Meghan Markle you take another record, all personal: is the most searched member of the British royal family on Google, both in the UK and America. The data emerged from an analysis by Ahrefs.com, which analyzes online searches every month; the name of the duchess, in the UK alone, exceeds one million clicks per month, followed by that of her husband, which stops at just over 500,000.

Meghan Markle is the most googled royal in the UK and America.

Charles McQuillan

The reason for such fame, according to royal watchers, is simpler than one might imagine. For example, Thomas Mace Archer-Mills, royal commentator and founder of the blog, is convinced of this The Monarchist, which at theExpress he stated that the public is still “intrigued” by Meghan.

The public is intrigued by his contempt for royal protocols and rules.

Chris Jackson

“People just follow her because she’s intriguing. She entered the royal family like a cyclone, with all the drama of a prime-time soap opera, and since then it continues not to disappoint on the entertainment front. When she is spouted in all the media people want to know the story, despite having left the royal family. They are intrigued by his actions and his contempt for royal protocols and rules. Which adds to the basic charm of the Duchess ».

When it comes to popularity it’s a whole other story: Queen Elizabeth beats everyone.

Stuart C. Wilson

Meghan Markle is far ahead of all the other royals: Kate Middleton, for example, is third, with just over 300,000 monthly searches, while Queen Elizabeth is even sixth, with 206,000.

A completely different story, however, when it is the popularity index to be taken into consideration. According to a recent poll by YouGov, the Duchess of Sussex is only fourteenth in the popularity of the British, and in the descent she has also dragged her husband. The most beloved is Queen Elizabeth, with 80% of respondents’ preferences, followed by principe William (78%) and his wife Kate Middleton (75%).

True fame is won on tiptoe. And The Queen, in this art, is an unsurpassed teacher.


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