In 2030, Brazil will represent almost a third of the world’s beef exports

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Brazil will be responsible for 29% of world beef exports in 2030, according to the most recent report by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

The document’s data indicate that the volume of Brazilian exports of the product should register an increase of 41.8% over the next nine years. Brazil will continue as the main exporter of beef in the world, followed by the North American country, which will represent a share of 11.4% of the market.

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According to the report, the increase in the volume of exports from Brazil should happen due to two factors: the greater world demand for beef and the stagnation of other countries in the export of the product.

According to the data, the United States and the countries of the European Union, main competitors of Brazilian meat, should register stable levels of exports between 2021 and 2030.

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To meet external demand, production in the country must also increase. According to the report, the Brazilian livestock sector annually produces around 10 million tons of the product currently.

In 2030, production is expected to jump to approximately 12.4 million. Despite Brazil being the largest producer of beef exports in the world, the United States remains the largest producer of this type of product, with an annual production of approximately 13.3 million tons of the protein.

The doctor in economics and associate researcher at the Institute for Applied Economic Research (IPEA), Ana Cecília Kreter, points out that the domestic market of the North American country consumes more beef than the Brazilian population, which reduces the volume of product to be exported by the USA.

The livestock specialist explains that the economic factor is one of the main factors responsible for the lower demand for animal protein in Brazil.

“The US domestic market has a preference for this type of protein. It is a cultural habit for them, as well as for Brazilians, to eat a lot of meat. However, purchasing power is what defines which animal protein will be most consumed in our country”, he said.

“We saw, in the last quarter, an increase in the consumption of cheaper proteins, such as chicken meat and eggs. But, if this part of the population could, wouldn’t they prefer to eat better quality meat?”, asked the economist at Ipea.

Pig meat

The report emphasizes that, by 2030, Brazil will be the third largest exporter in the world in the ranking of pork exports, surpassing Canada.

Currently, the European Union and the United States occupy, respectively, the first and second place in number of exports. Canada is in third, with 1.4 million tons exported in 2021, and Brazil in fourth, with 1.2 million tons.

The projection is that in 2030, Brazil will export 1.8 million tons, compared to the 1.7 million tons forecast for Canada.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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