What is and how is the consecrated olive oil that will be used for the coronation of Charles III made?

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It was consecrated in Jerusalem the oil that will be used to anoint His Majesty King Charles III on the solemn day of his coronationthe next 6 May 2023.

In a special ceremony at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the Crisma (as it is called, from the Greek χρῖσμα, the oil used for the sacraments) was consecrated by the Patriarch of Jerusalem, Theophilos III, and the Anglican Archbishop of Jerusalem, Hosam Naoum. The official news was given by the Royal Family, who consider this rite a fundamental step in waiting for King Charles’ big moment.

How the oil was made

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But how was this important oil made? To explain it is always the official staff of the Royal Family. «The oil was created using olives harvested from two olive groves on the Mount of Olives, at the Monastery of Mary Magdalene and the Ascension Monastery», explains the Royal Family website. «The Monastery of Mary Magdalene is the burial place of her Majesty’s grandmother, Princess Alice of Greece». She is the mother of Prince Philip, born in 1885 in the castle of Westminster, daughter of Prince Louis of Battenberg and the princess Victoria of Hesse, great-grandson on the mother’s side of Queen Victoria: the grandmother of King Charles III.

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The olives were pressed just outside Bethlehem. The oil was then perfumed with essential oils – sesame, rose, jasmine, cinnamon, neroli, benzoin and amber – as well as orange blossom. An ancient formula, used for centuries in royal coronations, including that of Queen Elizabeth.

“I am honored and grateful that His Beatitude Patriarch Theophilos III and Archbishop Hosam Naoum have consecrated the oil that will be used to anoint His Majesty the King,” he commented. the Archbishop of Canterbury. “I want to especially thank his Beatitude for providing this coronation oil, which reflects the king’s personal family connection to the Holy Land and his great care for his peoples.”

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