What is the no-fly zone and why Ukraine is asking for it

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Ukrainian President Zelensky has repeatedly asked in recent days to establish one no-fly zone onUkraine. It has done so since the start of the conflict, but the demand has grown more pressing as the war progresses. The response from NATO and the United States has always been negative.

What is it

The no-fly zone is a ban on flying over the airspace of a country. In this case, it would serve to prevent Russian planes from flying into the Ukrainian sky and thus to avoid the threat of attack from above. The no-fly zone can be declared by individual states or by international institutions such as the UN and NATO.

Why not

NATO has decided not to apply it because the no-fly zone is considered a offensive measure, not a defensive action. It would be an entry into the war against Russia because NATO would have to control the Ukrainian skies and then hit any aircraft that violated the area.

Usually no-fly zones are used to protect residences or sensitive areas such as government buildings. In case of choice with military objectives it allows to enter into a conflict without ground troops, but only controlling the skies. However, this control is already an act of war. To do so, considerable forces are needed given the size of Ukraine.

NATO has declared the no-fly zone in Bosnia between 1993 and 1995 with the support of the UN. The same was done in 2011 in Libya. There were airspace closures in Iraq for the first Gulf War declared by the United States, Great Britain and France without UN support. There has been no no-fly zone in Syria.

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