What?! The Weeknd’s new song would confirm his relationship with Angelina Jolie

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It is common for singers and songwriters to be inspired by their own disappointments and/or romances to compose musical themes. And this is something that possibly Abel Tesfaye (The Weeknd) has just put into practice, since, according to his fans, his new single Here We Go Again is an open declaration of his love for actress Angelina Jolie.

The new theme coincides with the intense rumors of a relationship between celebrities, something that has not been confirmed or denied by any of those involved, but that already generates several theories on social networks.

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Since last year, The Weeknd and Angelina Jolie began to be linked as close friends, but their fans they took their relationship to the sentimental side. Added to this was an interview with Angelina in mid-2021, in which she was asked about her relationship with the singer and she simply evaded the answer. Later, a source close to Abel assured that the interpreter of Blinding Lights he is in love and admires the actress.

Abel is very much in love with Angelina. The times he has been with her they have had very deep conversations. They are both very interesting and unique people who immerse themselves in the seriousness of life and really enjoy making a change.

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Whaaah!  The Weeknd's new song would confirm his relationship with Angelina Jolie

Despite what could be understood from the statement of the close source, this same person clarified that the relationship between the celebrities is merely professional and friendly.

He has gained a great friendship with Angie and has met her children, but has been way up there when it comes to a full relationship as it has been friendly and just business.

It would be very premature to say that the two are a couple, since Angelina is more focused on her family at the moment.

However, the release of The Weeknd’s recent song, Here We Go Again, has set off the alarms of a secret romance between celebrities, as the lyrics refer to the fact that he has fallen in love with a movie star. And, as expected, the fans It didn’t take them a single second to link her to Angelina.

My new girl, she’s a movie star
I love her good, I make her scream like Neve Campbell
But when I make her laugh, I swear it heals my blue thoughts.

‘Cause girl she’s a movie star
Girl, she’s a movie star
I told myself I’d never fall in love
But here we go again…

This, coupled with the rumors, has generated several theories on social networks and although nothing has been confirmed, it allows us to see that Abel fell in love or simply has an intense crush from which he cannot escape due to the arrow that Cupid left in his heart. Oh! the love!

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