What will a Playground look like in the future? Hellenic Petroleum Group answers and offers them, today

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If we asked the children to draw, themselves, the ideal Playground, what would they make? One with more and more fun games? One with more “green” around? One that fits ALL the children of the world? There is a big Club out there that, thinking of himself as a child, took his wishes and made them come true, shortly before the coming of 2022.

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The reason for the Hellenic Petroleum Group that proves that solidarity and corporate social responsibility can change the world. A few days ago, the ELPE Group handed over a fully equipped playground to the Municipalities of Aspropyrgos, Elefsina and Ampelokipi – Menemeni. Three places that are, in fact, accessible to all children, even the disabled. After careful study and clever planning, always with the main concern of their accessibility and safe use, mainly by children with disabilities, the three playgrounds are now completed turn a blind eye to a greener, more humane, more beautiful future full of childish smiles!

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And if you’re wondering what exactly these features make them stand out, keep reading:

# 1 They are accessible to all children!

The three new playgrounds aim to promote creative and experiential play, with an emphasis on full accessibility for children with disabilities. Specifically, they have:
• Multifunctional multi-purpose instruments with ramp
• Swings
• Cots / nest swings
• Mills
• Musical sounds
• Specially designed taps
• Safety floors

# 2 They are as “green” as possible

During the creation of the new Playgrounds, technologies of Renewable Energy Sources were utilized, such as solar luminaires that eliminate the operating costs for the Municipalities. And this is very important because they serve as a permanent reminder of the need for energy savings. They also have trash cans powered by a photovoltaic panel that can be opened either by an assisted foot pedal or by pushing a switch next to the bin.

# 3 They are fully compliant with safety requirements and have the necessary certifications

The Playgrounds were designed and constructed with the strictest criteria and specifications regarding the safety requirements of the instruments, safety equipment and their installation. In addition, the interventions that have been made upgrade the areas and become modern places of hospitality and inclusion for children and parents.

Hellenic Petroleum Group contributes, over time, to the improvement of infrastructure in local communities within the framework of its sustainable strategy. This project is part of this year’s activities launched on the occasion of the celebration of the 200th anniversary of the Greek Revolution. Symbolically, accessible playgrounds are a gateway to the future – to a modern Greece that goes forward and includes us all, without inequalities and exclusions. And if with all this you ever wish to see them all up close:

• The Playground of the Municipality of Aspropyrgos is located at 47 28th of October Street and includes 7 new instruments for children with special needs, as well as the accompanying equipment.

• The Playground of the Municipality of Elefsina is located at 108 Iroon Polytechniou Street and has 6 modern instruments for children with special needs and all the accompanying equipment.

• The Playground of the Municipality of Ampelokipi – Menemeni is located at the intersection of Davaki and Eleftheriou Venizelou streets, has 5 modern instruments for children with special needs and all the accompanying equipment.

Fully accessible Playground of Ampelokipi-Menemeni for children with special needs

This is how the children dreamed of the Playground of the future. This is how the Hellenic Petroleum Group created it! And we have another opportunity to remember that whatever contributes to the creation of a world with respect, care and acceptance for our disabled fellow human beings we must support, in turn.

Source From: Capital

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