What would it be like if Diana, Michael Jackson, Joe Lennon and other famous people were alive today

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With the help of AI technology, a Turkish lawyer and photographer Alper Gesiltas, made famous personalities “come alive”. Among the emblematic personalities h princess DianaMichael Jackson, John Lennon Ms.

The Turk artist he said, “I have been imagining scenes and capturing memories for about 19 years. During this period, some of the photos I have been featured in books, magazines, exhibitions and websites around the world and have been awarded in several photography competitions” broadcasts the boredpanda.

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I would like to share with you the first one collection images of my AI based project called “Like nothing happened”. Behind this work is the question “how would people look photorealistically, if some great events had not happened to them” added Gesiltas.

Check out the photos from @’s accountalperyesiltas on Instagram:

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Amy Winehouse

Source: News Beast

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