What’s really between Emma Watson and Tom Felton?

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Stop everyone: In a recent interview for E! News, Tom Felton said that there was “something” between him and Emma Watson. No but sorry, in what sense?

Because I believe that the whole world (including myself) has always wanted them together and I can say with certainty that, the times that the two have published pictures together, the web has literally been unleashed. Here are just a couple of examples of when a rumor wanted them to be engaged during last year’s first lockdown:

Then oh well, never a joy (so to speak) is always around the corner and when we discovered that instead the English actress is a steady couple with the entrepreneur Leo Robinton since the end of 2019 we have lost all hope.

In any case, to the question of the American journalist who asked him if there was something true in the gossip circulated in recent years, the interpreter of Draco Malfoy replied as follows: «We are something, if this makes sense. We’ve been close for a long time. I love it. I think she’s fantastic and I hope you return the compliment. ‘ Okay, but tell us more: «As for the romantic side, on the other hand, I think it’s more of a thing Slytherin / Gryffindor rather than a thing of Tom Felton ed Emma watson. I think absolutely the best things about her. I think you have a fantastic influence on the world. ‘

Okay, I’m not sure what to think. But all of this really moves me.

But know that this feeling that binds them is mutual and that it was born during the very first days on the set of Harry Potter. Indeed, come to think of it, it was the interpreter of Hermione Granger to reveal first that she fell in love with the co-star. When he told that Tom Felton it was her first crush for the first two films of the saga, I wasn’t surprised at all. At the time, she was 11/12 years old, he already 14/15. «He knew it – she had told – every now and then we talk about it again and we laugh about it. Now we are good friends ». Over the years, however, as they both live in The Angels, they have seen and frequented each other often. That’s the reason for all the sightings. But, apparently, they’ve never been together (at least, that’s what they want us to believe).

Ok, we like to think that theirs is a relationship of brotherhood but, given the words he dedicates to her more and more often on social media, we thought that – when both are single – it is precisely then that the most incredible of magic could take place.

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