What’s that?! They identify a thief thanks to his SpongeBob underwear

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According to the information given by NBC, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, an alleged thief was arrested when he was identified by the clothes he was wearing at the time of the robbery, whose characteristics were very peculiar, since they had the SpongeBob character printed.

After being accused of various robberies in recent months, Edward Price was arrested and his arrest went viral due to the way they managed to identify him.

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spongebob in the mirror

The context of this story begins when the Tulsa Police Department received at least five burglary reports at a housing unit known as Waterside Apartments. In all of them, the pattern was repeated with the suspicious person, who entered kicking the entrance door and took all kinds of electronic devices out of the houses.

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According to the victims’ statements, the thief was wearing clothes that had images of SpongeBob SquarePants and other Nickelodeon cartoons. Edward was identified when he put the stolen objects up for sale on the Facebook Marketplace and in the background of the photographs it was possible to see his clothes with the image of the most famous chef in cartoons.

Edward Price arrested

The garments identified were some socks and a shorts that had the drawing of this character next to the rugrats, Rocko’s Modern Life, among others. After the tip of Edward’s clothing, the police lifted a search warrant at his home.

The reports mention that the security elements that searched the house of the alleged thief found those same clothes in the dryer. In addition, they found many of the stolen objects, weapons and ammunition.

spongebob clothes

The young man was arrested on September 16 and faces three counts of robbery in the second count. In addition, it is known that he already has a history of arrests, which were denied because the witnesses did not appear to give statements.

This case drew attention on social networks because of how peculiar his identification was and that, clearly, his outfits favorite to carry out his robberies was that of SpongeBob. It is possible that it was the lucky one, I say, it may be.

sad spongebob gif

Source: Okchicas

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