WhatsApp can no longer be used on some iPhone models: here are which ones

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WhatsApp is ready to abandon the older versions of iOS, the operating system of the iPhones. As a result, it will cut out users who are still using a iPhone 5 or a iPhone 5C, the latest models that cannot be upgraded beyond iOS 11. To be excluded from the support of the most used chat in the world will be precisely the versions 10 And 11 of iOS.

The notification is coming to iPhone owners who have fallen dramatically behind with updates (or who, as seen for iPhone 5 and 5c, cannot carry them out): the latest release available is 15.5, iOS 11 dates back to September 2017 until to cross over, with the various updates, to 2018. So it is quite dated, even if not very old as in other cases of elimination of support by the Meta chat.

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It must be said that Apple users have a very high adoption rate of the most recent versions of the different operating systems, contrary to the Android world where different versions of the green robot continue to coexist, with even significant percentages, as the updates go through a myriad of manufacturers. With the Apple everything is faster and more direct and in the days following the release of a new version, most users have already updated their iPhone, iPad, Mac and other devices.

Anticipated by WABetaInfothe novelty – operational since the end of October – was then confirmed by official WhatsApp support where we read that iOS 12 is the oldest version to which the platform provides software support. No problem for models from iPhone 5S onwards (so 6, 6s, and so on) which can be upgraded to the latest iOS versions.

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