When A. Tsipras said to the internal party firms: I do not count on you the drama of ..octopuses

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By Niki Zorba

Alexis Tsipras’s assessment that the ballot boxes will be set up in early autumn and especially in September, dictates the need for other tours to the president of SYRIZA than those he did – in view of then – the internal party process.

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Now he completes his tours (in Lesvos yesterday) with an open event and his speech, obviously of pre-election style and setting. Absolutely like that was last night, where Mr. Tsipras repeated everything he charges the Mitsotakis government in economy, everyday, accuracy, National, management, while the program also had … encore:

He finished his speech, walked away from the podium, went back to say his last pre-election slogan, full of satisfaction: They say that party events are crowded when we go to the polls, study well and it comes.

Puffs inwards

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Back in Athens, however, the “other SYRIZA”, as its president likes to say, does not stop accepting his “gusts”.

In an interview (newsbomb), Mr. Tsipras informed all internal party “players” of the trends that din them does not count at all as suchς. He even called on the Trends to abolish themselves, since he no longer recognizes them. Neither the supposed “his”, nor the minority.

His report was very indicative and sharp: What will presidents say, that is, what are the others? As for Umbrella, it merely sent a message limiting itself to referring to Euclid Tsakalotos, extending a hand of friendship: A useful collaborator, his important role in the previous government, I see him as such and how much I am interested in his internal party position.

However, all the “internal party firms” must have “frozen” yesterday (following the surprise reserved for them last Sunday in the SYRIZA Central Committee), when he described the criteria by which he will choose his government: Competent women, age renewal , the right person in the right place with their example Efi Ahtsioglou and Alexis Haritsi.

His relevant report hides more than one message, apart from the obvious ones and what he said about capable young people that he gave them the opportunity and “came out”: Neither of them worked either publicly or in the background by interfering in the party pot.

It should be noted that both of these executives belonged to the “group of 53” (before its merger with Umbrella).

The drama of the octopuses

In the parallel universe of the party inland, however, the dramas hold up well as P. Polakis he reprimanded the publication of his criticism of Avgi in a closed meeting (Central Committee), to which the newspaper responded publicly, in an article.

For opposition of the octopuses, said Polakis, commonly meaning that it is not combative, let alone the leventika, the newspaper replied.

It has been two or three days now that with his well-known style (and writing style with the necessary use of funds) he “shot the party newspaper and its director, other executives got involved in the quarrel (alas) and life in the parallel party universe of SYRIZA , to be continued.

Source: Capital

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