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When And How To Pay Personal Income Tax In 2021 For Selling A Flat

The sale of a home is taxed on the capital gain obtained from the operation, that is, if, broadly speaking, the property has been sold for more money than it was purchased. When and how does it have to be declared? The income statement campaign begins in April, but the dates to be considered will vary depending on the way in which it is decided to render accounts to the Treasury. The financial comparator HelpMyCash.com in its 2021 fiscal calendar on taxes to sell an apartment indicates all the key dates of this and the rest of the taxes that must be paid for the sale of a property.

Personal income tax payment, just around the corner

If an apartment has been sold in 2020, the capital gain obtained from the operation must be included in this year’s income tax return, specifically in the tax base of savings. The rental campaign begins on Wednesday, April 7 and ends on June 30. If you want to file the return online, through the electronic headquarters of the Tax Agency, you have every day of the campaign to do so.

To present the declaration in this way, you must have an electronic DNI, Cl @ ve PIN or reference number. The latter can be obtained through the Treasury website and, generally, to obtain it, the identification data and the exact amount of any of the boxes of the previous year’s income statement must be indicated. What if you don’t have the digital ID or can’t get the reference number? In this case, the declaration will have to be made by phone or in person, but on specific dates, they warn from HelpMyCash.com.

‘Online’ and by phone: by appointment and from May

If the income statement is made By phone or in person, it will be the Treasury itself that will be in charge of preparing the declaration with the data provided by the taxpayer, but you have to make an appointment in order to be treated.

If you choose to do it By telephone, the prior appointment must be requested through the Tax Agency’s telephones or on its website, as of May 4. Taxpayers will be served on the date indicated by the agency, from May 6 to June 30.

In this case, it is very important have at hand all the documentation of the sale of the house for when the Treasury call to present the declaration and thus not miss the previous appointment, they advise from HelpMyCash.com. For example, it is advisable to have the deeds of sale of the house or the invoices of the expenses that have been had to sell the property so that they can calculate the amount that is payable.

If you prefer to make the income statement in person, the prior appointment must be requested from May 27 to June 29, by phone or at the electronic headquarters of the organization. In this case, the attention will be at the corresponding Tax Office and on the assigned day, from June 2 until the 30th of that same month.

From 2021 the personal income tax has a new section

It must be taken into account that with the entry into force of the new General State Budgets, the tax base of savings in which the capital gains obtained from the sale of a property are declared has a new tax tranche, but that will be applicable in the 2022 income tax return.

After the last changes, There are four sections that exist and that must be applied to the capital gain obtained. A first tranche of 19% for earnings of up to 6,000 euros, the second at 21% for earnings between 6,000 euros and 50,000 euros, the third at 23% for earnings of between 50,000 euros and 200,000 euros and the new tranche at 26% for earnings that exceed 200,000 euros.

However, this tax that must be paid to sell an apartment is progressive, so the new tax rate will only affect high-priced homes for which large profits are made patrimonial. For example, the owner of a house that was sold for 120,000 euros and that was bought for 90,000 euros will obtain a capital gain of 30,000 euros and will only be taxed within the first two sections of personal income tax.

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