Where do chefs eat? With Paulo Barros, from Modern Mamma Osteria, in SP

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at 18 years old, Paulo Barros started working with the renowned chef Emmanuel Bassoleil, a Frenchman living in Brazil. Graduated by Senac and the International School of Italian Cuisine, in the small town of Costigliole d’Asti, in the Italian region of Piemonte, the first internship soon opened up his path in the culinary world.

Encouraged by Laurent Suaudeau, who is also French, Barros accumulated experiences in Europe, where he worked in the kitchens of the legendary chefs Georges Blanc and Gualtiero Marchesi – the latter considered the founder of modern Italian cuisine.

In addition to Europe, the U.S were also on the Barros route before returning to Brazil and founding and heading the Two Cooks, an Italian cuisine restaurant that now has units in Itaim, Morumbi and Cidade Jardim.

Along with the Italian living in Brazil Salvatore Loi, he currently heads the kitchen of the Modern Mamma Osteria, house in Itaim Bibi facing to traditional italian cuisine: portions to share, pasta with classic sauces and a hearty meal. The project, created in 2016, is inspired by the receptivity of Italian osterias.

Away from the stoves, Barros tries other flavors around the city of São Paulo and shares his favorite addresses for eating well in São Paulo below:

Trattoria cap

Led by chef Benny Novak, who is also behind the French Ici Bistro, the Italian trattoria in Higienópolis surprises in any preparation.

The dishes are excellent and everything is very well prepared, such as rigatoni and arancini. With the pandemic, the house reinvented itself and gained a greater presence in delivery, including a line of frozen foods.

Rua Pará, 36 – Consolação, São Paulo – SP. Phone: (11) 3259-6896 and (11) 3257-4064 Delivery via iFood.


It is impossible to enter the Barbecue and not be impressed by the salad bar. The chain, headed by Jefferson Finger, is an invitation to good food and a delight in our eyes, as everything is really varied and abundant.

And, of course, I couldn’t stop talking about the meats. The variety is impressive – from T-Bone, Prime Rib, Belly Rib to Boar – and the quality of a good barbecue is admirable.

Itaim Unit: Rua Doutor Renato Paes de Barros, 65 – Itaim Bibi – São Paulo – SP. Other addresses and delivery via website.

St. Louis Burgers

The corner of Batataes Street, a few blocks from Avenida Paulista, has one of the best hamburgers in the city. THE St. Louis Burgers offers us good meat, perfect bread and all the right side dishes.

The small room is filled with Midwestern-inspired decor, which helps you understand menu choices and the name of the place.

Juicy burgers, such as Good Stuff, which also includes bacon, Swiss cheese, sweet and sour red onion and dijon mustard mayonnaise, as well as chicken, salads and desserts, such as apple pie, are part of the good choices.

Rua Batataes, 242 – Jardim Paulista, São Paulo – SP. Telephone: (11) 3051-3435. Delivery via iFood and WhatsApp: (11) 98928-4998

Yellow Giraffe

Beirut lovers can go straight to the Yellow Giraffe: no error! Whether traditional with roast beef or variations, such as turkey, the house beiruts can be ordered with your eyes closed.

Opened in 1990 at Itaim Bibi, the place still serves other sandwiches, milkshakes and dishes such as varied meats and parmigianas. It’s family food worth trying.

Rua Amauri, 356 – Itaim Bibi, São Paulo – SP. Delivery via telephone: (11) 3079-2438


Pastel de Feira da Rua Tamandaré de Toledo

They say that every pastry at a fair is the same, but my favorite is at the fair on Rua Tamandaré de Tolêdo, in Itaim Bibi. There, the mass of this national delicacy is dry and the filling balanced.

Rua Professor Tamandaré de Tolêdo – Itaim Bibi, São Paulo – SP.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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