WHERE: The Delta mutation will prevail in the coming months

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THE World Health Organisation (WHO) provides that Delta mutation, which is highly contagious and is already responsible for more than three-quarters of new Covid cases in many large countries, will be the most prevalent the next months.

This variant, first identified in India, is already present in 124 countries and regions, ie 13 more compared to last week, the WHO reports, according to an AFP telegram transmitted by APE BPE.

“We expect the Delta variant will prevail rapidly of the other variants and will become the dominant one (of Covid), which will be released in the coming months “, the Organization also underlines.

Among the countries where the Delta variant is already the cause of 75% and more of the new cases of this disease, are the India, the China, the Russia, the Indonesia, the Australia, the Bangladesh, the Britain, the South Africa, the Australia, the Portugal, the Israel.

“However, we continue to ignore who he is precise mechanism due to the greater transmissibility “of this variant compared to the others, emphasizes the World Health Organization.

About 3.4 million additional Covid cases were recorded on week 12-18 July, that is 12% more compared to last week, he emphasizes.

“At this rate, we expect the cumulative number of recorded cases (since the beginning of the pandemic) worldwide may exceed 200 million in the next 3 weeks“, The service warned.

This trend will be explained by four factors: more contagious variants, relaxation of public health measures, greater social interaction and the fact that many people have not been vaccinated.

Last week, the number of new cases increased by 30% in the western Pacific region and against 21% in the Europe region, according to the WHO.

THE Indonesia records the largest increase: 350,273, ie an increase of 44%, followed by Britain (296,447, + 41%) and n Brazil which continues to have a high number of cases (287,610, but records a decrease of 14%).

The weekly death toll – 57.000 – remained, on the contrary, steady compared to last week.

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