Which countries have the smartest citizens?

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We Greeks often boast, in the well-known exaggeration that characterizes our people, that “we are the smarter people of the world “. This, however, does not seem to be the case, as she tells us Smartest Countries 2021 world ranking – this does not mean that this list is… gospel that we must follow and believe 100%.

According to a research-report prepared by the British website Vouchercloud, then came a ranking of the world’s smartest states (or, after all, those states with the smartest citizens). The final ranking of the list is based on three factors: the number of Nobel Prize-winning citizens of each country, the average IQ of the population and the level of education offered by each country and is reflected in the personal education of its citizens – and of course that it represents the intelligence of a country’s past, present and future generations.

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So the smartest citizens are in Japan holds the first place of the relevant list. This is followed by Switzerland, China, the USA and the Netherlands and Russia in sixth place.

Japan ranks sixth in the number of Nobel laureates, sixth in the per capita IQ performance of citizens and fifth in the academic performance of primary school students – but these are the highest scores of any of the top five countries, for and that was at the top.

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THE China ranks third, mainly due to the high IQ of its citizens, with a per capita IQ of 105.8 is second in the world, after Singapore with a per capita IQ of 107.1.

As expected, the Asia and Europe dominate the rankings. Among the top ten countries are five European countries: Switzerland (second), the Netherlands (fifth), Russia (sixth), Belgium (seventh) and the United Kingdom (eighth). THE Greece not only does not exceed 100 in the average IQ, but we are in the 47th position of the list with an average IQ of 93 per capita.

The countries and regions with the highest academic performance scores for primary school students are in Asia and Singapore is still at the top.

India complains

The publication of the list left complaining about India, because despite the fact that the country has many more Nobel laureates than China, they are nevertheless very low in IQ per capita and personal education. In the top ten there are figures three Asian countries, namely Japan (1st), China (3rd) and South Korea (10th).

The international (and especially the Asian media) however comment sharply that “It is normal for the top 25 Nobel laureates to be dominated by Westerners, because the institution itself is a Western invention.». They comment that “the future development trend of a country’s education is not determined so much by the Nobel Prize winners as by the other two indicators, that of average IQ per capita and personal school and academic performance.”

In fact, they claim that “the irony is that The United States has relied on its huge Nobel Prize-winning achievements in this ranking. (368 Americans in total, three times more than the United Kingdom) to reach fourth place. In contrast, the US is very low on average IQ per capita (just 28th) and personal education index.

Recall that in a corresponding survey of 2018 on how the peoples of Europe are ranked according to their IQ, according to the British newspaper The Times, peoples living in colder climates in northern Europe develop a higher degree of intelligence in relation to those who live in warmer.

According to the University of Northern Ireland, the average size of the human brain in northern and central Europe is 1,320 cubic centimeters compared to 1,312 cubic centimeters in the southeast.

Based on the findings of their research, the smartest Europeans are the Germans and the Dutch with an average IQ per capita of 107, followed by Poland with 106, Sweden with 104, Italy with 102, Austria with 101, Switzerland with 101 and Britain with 100. The Greece has, according to the same survey, an average IQ per capita of 95.

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