White hacker helped save $ 117,000 to MetaMask wallet user

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A user posted a message on the Reddit forum that his computer was hacked and he lost access to the wallet where $ 240,000 was kept. One of the “white hackers” helped him save $ 117,000.

In his message, the user said that he was subjected to a phishing attack, during which hackers gained access to the MetaMask wallet. Of course, many were surprised and criticized the user for storing such funds not on a hardware, but on a software wallet. But there were also users who sympathized with him and sent “white hackers” to the site.

This site was created by people “not indifferent to the problems of other people.” And the user’s request under the pseudonym 007happyguy got to Alex Manuskin, a former blockchain researcher at ZenGo, who helped the user stop the wallet from emptying.

Manushkin first made sure that the wallet really belongs to the user, and then asked for the private key from the wallet. To stop the wallet from emptying, he pulled out all ETH from there and ran a script that automatically withdraws all incoming ETH from the wallet.

Ether is used to pay transaction fees, and if the wallet does not have these coins at all, then the attacker will not be able to withdraw the remaining tokens. After that, using the Flashbot service, he withdrawn the remaining tokens. The service allows you to send transactions directly to miners, and pay commissions from a third-party wallet.

According to Manushkin, the whole process took him 5-6 hours. It was an interesting “battle” with the attacker, because the fight was fought in real time. He stressed that it was “a difficult and tense struggle.”

Earlier this month, hackers gained access to a New Zealand police wallet and pulled out bitcoins that were being held to investigate a drug trafficking case.

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