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Who is Du in “Renascer”? Character did not appear in the first version

After some time away from the plot, Du (José Duboc) reappears in the remake of “Reborn”. The young man is the real father of the son who Teak (Lívia Silva) waits. In the first version of the plot, the character did not appear, being only mentioned.

Right at the beginning of the second phase, the homeless boy showed up when the teenager was still in the dilemma of whether or not she would abort the child she was expecting.

However, after that, Du disappeared completely and caused Neno (Gabriel Lima) and Pitoco (Juan Queiroz), his partners, believed he was dead.

However, the group's leader had been arrested and, as soon as he escaped from jail, he insisted on meeting his friends again. Back on the streets, Du finds out about Teca's situation and becomes interested in taking advantage of it.

Aware that the young woman is receiving all the best, the character will be willing to meet her in Ilhéus, Bahia, to blackmail her in search of money.

Source: CNN Brasil

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