Who is Elizabeth Holmes and why we will hear a lot about her (about her and her style)

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Stanford former student e founder, at just 19, of a company that promised to revolutionize the way millions of Americans would get blood tested: Elizabeth Holmes, just teen-ager, dreams of following in the footsteps of Steve Jobs, make your mark and become a billionaire.

An unbridled ambition, which in the early 2000s led her to start the climb that dramatically ended a few days ago, when it was declared guilty of four counts out of eleven disputed, including fraud against investors and patients.


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US media and public opinion closely follow the story also because it involves political figures high-level like Henry Kissinger, Part of board from Theranos and the then Vice President Joe Biden who had praised the biotech company as an example of the technology of the future. Portrayed on magazine covers such as Fortune, but also Glamour e Vanity Fair, and described by Time Magazine as a true visionary, Holmes actually has a story behind her that is unbelievable.

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Like other famous scammers like Anna Delvey, then, her look attracted a lot of attention and it was subject of several articles. Why i garments he wore they were not chosen at random but they remembered a real uniform.

In fact, his wardrobe seemed entirely composed of blazer, turtleneck and black pants matched with shoes from low heel. A choice that has always aroused curiosities and questions, so much so that in an interview with the American edition of Glamour Elizabeth claimed to own as many as 150 turtleneck sweaters, all of the same shade. A choice dictated by the fact that, he said, she shouldn’t have worried too much about her appearance.

This carelessness, in reality he was alone related because the woman was inspired by the so-called tech aestethic typical of those who work in the Silicon Valley. To the point of getting to buy the same pull signed by Issey Myake that his idol, Steve Jobs, he used to bring on the occasion of the annual presentation of Apple news. After being able to trace the exact brand worn by her idol, moreover, she had stocked it up. His style anonymous and monochrome, in the end, actually, it reveals itself a disguise. Useful to pass for what it never really was.

Interviewed by Bill Clinton in 2015, Elizabeth shows off her uniform: turtleneck, blazer and low-heeled shoes.

Taylor Hill

Hulu, the streaming platform cousin of Netflix, created a series based on the ABC News podcast, The Dropout, out in March for the American public and later available in Italy on Disney+. In the role of the protagonist there is Amanda Seyfried which, in the first fragments of the series released online, flaunts the same signature look loved by the protagonist of the story: red lipstick, bun and black turtleneck.

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This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from.

The obsession with the inventor of Apple was such, then, that it led her to even imitate his tone of voice. Not by chance Jennifer Lawrence, which will lead the affair of Theranos on the big screen together with the director of Don’t Look Up, Adam McKay, it seems that in order to play the part of Elizabeth at his best he is practicing himself to emulate her particular way of speaking.

The look of the woman is still much debated by newspapers of the caliber of New York Times. Because, to make a good impression in court, he seems to have stopped outfit total black from rampant businesswoman in favor of anonymous gray suits in order to appear more modest and make a good impression on the court. So, as it had been in the case of Anna Delvey, the court ends up turning into a catwalk in which clothes play a fundamental role. Waiting for the series The Dropout is available in streaming and on TV, in the gallery below you can scroll through the first frames of the set with Amanda Seyfried e Naveen Andrews, who plays the lover and general manager of Theranos, Sunny Balwani.

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