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Who is Fatima Flores, the partner of the new “anti-systemic” president of Argentina

She is widely known for her impersonations, especially that of Christina Fernandez in Argentina. For a few months now she has been the partner of one of her biggest political opponents, of Javier Millay, who is the next president of the country.

But beyond her famous romance, Fatima Flores is a well-known actress and comedian, who has filled the theaters of Argentina for years, mainly with her performances where she imitates numerous personalities. In addition, he has participated in successful television programs such as Periodismo para todos, hosted by Jorge Lanata, and Bailando por un sueño with Marcelo Tinelli.

Even when she is invited to television interviews, it is common for her to be asked to do a series of impersonations, one after the other, and she can, without the aid of masks or costumes, embody more than twenty characters from Argentine actors and presenters television.

Fatima is her artistic name. Her real name is María Eugenia, she is 42 years old and grew up in Olivos, a neighborhood on the outskirts of the Argentine capital where the presidential residence is located, according to CNN.

Her pseudonym, as she has said in many interviews, was adopted by her at the suggestion of her ex-husband, Norberto Marcos, whom she met in Peru when he went to work in 2001 and who until the beginning of the year was also the producer her.

After 22 years of dating, their split earlier this year occupied local entertainment programs and websites, as did her new romance with the president-elect.

It was a week after the primaries, on August 13, when it was announced that the ultra-liberal Javier Millay he had a relationship with Flores.

Source: News Beast

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