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Who is Mohammed Amra, the hardened criminal who escaped the deadly ambush in Normandy

A major operation to locate Mohamed Amra and those who helped him escape has been launched by the French authorities. The prisoner escaped after being attacked by armed men during his transport, as a result of which two prison officers lost their lives and three more were injured. 30-year-old Mohamed Amra, known by the nickname “The Fly”, was being taken back to prison after a hearing at the court in the city of Rouen when a car hit the prison truck at a toll station. About 200 gendarmes were mobilized yesterday Tuesday (14/5) and vehicle checks are being carried out at key points. President Emmanuel Macron said that “everything is being done to find the perpetrators”. Amra was tried by a jury last Tuesday for thefts from supermarkets and businesses between August and October 2019. He was charged with seven offences, acquitted of four and sentenced to 18 months, although the prosecution had asked for 24 months. Mohammed Amra was detained in […]
Source: News Beast

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