Who looks better? The Marvel characters or the actors who play them?

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We all love the handsome guys at Marvel because they look amazing in those super hero suits, but we also love the actors who play them, so it’s hard for us to choose between one or the other.

However, we have to be very serious and ask: How do they look prettier? Here is a list for you to decide if you want Steve Rogers or Chris Evans or if you better stay with Thor or Chris Hemsworth. Now just enjoy.

1. Steve Roger / Captain America or Chris Evans?

2. ¿Sam Wilson o Anthony Mackie?

Sam Wilson interpretado por  Anthony Mackie

3. Peter Parker or Tom Holland?

Peter Parker played by Tom Holland

4. ¿Thor o Chris Hemsworth?

Thor played by Chris Hemsworth

5. ¿Bucky Barnes o Sebastian Stan?

Bucky Barnes Portrayed by Sebastian Stan

6. ¿Vision o Paul Bettany?

Vision played by Paul Bettany

7. ¿Tony Stark o Robert Downey Jr.?

Tony Stark played by Robert Downey Jr

8. ¿James Rhodes o Don Cheadle?

James Rhodes played by Don Cheadle

9. ¿Scott Lang or Paul Rudd?

Scott Lang/Ant Man played by Paul Rudd

10. ¿Bruce Banner o Mark Ruffalo?

11. ¿Erik Killmonger or Michael B. Jordan?

12. ¿Loki o Tom Hiddleston?

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