Who will get a performance bonus in the State

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of Dimitris Katsaganis

Linked to the new “regime” of the evaluation will be the payment of bonuses to the most efficient civil servants from 2022 for the imminent establishment of which a competent source of the Ministry of Finance spoke yesterday.

This is reported by information from Capital.gr from the Ministry of Interior, adding that the employees who will receive the relevant bonus will be those who are judged to be particularly efficient – based on the framework that will bring an upcoming bill, which will be brought by Mr. Makis Βορίδης.

It is noted that before Christmas its main axes of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Makis Voridis, for the new evaluation received the “green light” from the Council of Ministers, and this will provide, according to a relevant government announcement.

The n / s will provide for:
– “creation of an effective, objective and, above all, realistic and fully applicable evaluation system”.

– “Utilization of the annual action plans and their connection with the administrative targeting at the level of managers, so that they constitute the main parameter of evaluation of the managers”.

– “Emphasis is placed on the formulation of development plans and focused educational actions with the aim of improving the individual and, consequently, the organizational performance of the employee and the effectiveness of the team”.

In an earlier speech, in the early summer of 2021, Mr. Voridis had spoken about the imminent introduction of a productivity bonus which, in fact, as he had stated will be funded by the Recovery Fund.

According subsequent information of Capital.gr which was confirmed yesterday by a competent source from YPOIK, the payment would be made in two installments, first to the employees of the Local Authorities and then to the other civil servants.

However, in order to give this bonus, point out Capital.gr sources from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the bill for the evaluation must be adopted first, then the new target per service must be set and finally the head of each service must decide which employee can take it.

According to the same information, the Voridis bill for evaluation is expected to go to public consultation in late January – early February. Then, by mid-February, it will come to Parliament, so that it can be voted on at the end of February – beginning of March.

Then, each department will set its goals and based on these, the employees will be judged by their superiors for their efficiency (provided of course that the superiors themselves “catch” the objectives, as the Voridis bill shifts the focus of the evaluation to them). in order to receive or not the bonus.

It is noted that the bonus for the most efficient employees will not only be in the form of money, but also in the form of more days off while the high efficiency will be taken into account in order for an employee to enter into a “regime” of teleworking.

The same sources state that in 2023 the productivity bonus in the public sector may be financed from the state budget.

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Source From: Capital

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