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Why does Kendall Jenner continue to lie about her difficult beginnings as a model?

The life of Kendall Jenner she has been in the spotlight since she was just a little girl. She is recognized, has her fans, participates in social events since probably we mere mortals found even just having a sleepover with friends glamorous. But this it’s inevitable when you are among the protagonists of one of the most famous reality shows in the world and your sisters are on the covers of tabloids almost every day. It is certain that this early popularity also had a certain influence on her current career, allowing her to become the highest paid top model in the world, surpassing even true icons of the sector such as Gisele Bündchen, Naomi Campbell or Adriana Lima. An aspect, however, that the eldest of the Jenner sisters seems to continually downplay, doing her utmost to insist on aspects that emphasize her difficult beginnings and how her already being famous penalized her rather than helped her.

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It would be enough to watch a few episodes of Keeping up with the Kardashians to find out that things didn’t happen that way. The first modeling agency who signed Kendall when she was just 13 years old she was found by mother Kris who, as she herself said, called everyone she knew in the environment to be able to give this opportunity to her daughter. The model’s catwalk stride was initially quite forgettable, but thanks to the intercession of her sister Kim, she received hours of lessons in improving her walk and posture. One of the first important fashion shows in which she participated and which made her definitively enter the world of fashion was for Marc Jacobs who, as explained some time later,she chose it because it had been reported to her by one of her assistants who had some friendships in common with the Kardashian family (or rather with Kanye West, Kim’s boyfriend at the time).

The speech that Kendall has been obsessively repeating for years and which sees her rejected by fashion brands and agencies, forced to give a false name in order to be taken seriously or queuing for endless hours in the middle of nowhere, together with her colleagues, to participate in the casting struggles to be truthful. And it is perhaps precisely this evident discrepancy with what really happened that makes the model unsympathetic in the eyes of those who follow the events of the Kardashian family. Not recognizing that she has benefited from an enormous privilege thanks to the popularity of her family does not make Kendall Jenner a humble person, as she would like to appear, but rather he comes out as an individual accustomed to living in a muffled world, unable to understand on what basis his career was built.

Why Kendall Jenner continues to lie about her difficult beginnings as a model
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No one wants to minimize her dedication to work, her commitment to becoming the model she is today or that she had to sacrifice her affections and private life to be able to participate in fashion shows and photo shoots, but it is really counterproductive to continue to insist on this point when a long list of circumstances proves the opposite. The Kardashians – Jenners, over the years, have shown us how much they care about making up stories to boast about a difficult past (like when Kim, in The Kardashianssaid that, for some years, her family had had economic problems, but was immediately contradicted by the story contained in Kris Jenner’s biography, published years earlier): unfortunately, among the various talents they can boast is not that of telling lies in a credible manner.

Source: Vanity Fair

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