Will 2021 be the year of Prince Charles? (if the queen is really going to “retire”)

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For months it has been rumored that Elizabeth II in 2021, the year of his ninety-fifth birthday, he will retire. Making room for the son Carlo. The seventy-two-year-old prince, first in line of succession to the throne, he has been preparing for this moment all his life. In recent years he has already replaced the queen on many occasions and in all trips abroad, where he is already received as a sovereign, and it is his turn the first post-quarantine royal engagement: in the company of his wife Camilla, he visited the staff of a hospital on the front line in the fight against coronavirus.

The crown, however, will remain a mirage for him also in 2021. In fact, almost all royal observers have one certainty: his Majesty he will not choose the path of abdication, which he considers a betrayal of his subjects. The most likely hypothesis is that it invokes a law of 1728 with which the first-born would become regent but not king. “Prince Charles would be a sovereign in all respects, excluding the title,” explained royal expert Angela Levin. Convinced that Queen Elizabeth will follow this path.

As regent, Charles will not sit on the throne in Queen Elizabeth’s place. But all the mother’s real duties will pass to him. 2021, with or without a crown, will be for Charles a very important and also a very demanding year. And he is preparing to face it. Even at the cost of some painful renunciation. First of all, the renunciation of being a farmer.

For thirty-five years now, in the beloved organic farm Duchy Home Farm, 700 hectares inside the Highgrove House residence, Carlo farms organic vegetables and raises sheep and cows treated with homeopathy. But in recent months, as confirmed by Clarence House, has not renewed the land lease contract where Duchy Home Farm stands. Because when he is regent he will certainly not have the time to devote himself to vegetables, cows, ducks and chickens.

Let alone if he were to become king. A hypothesis that il real correspondent of Newsweek, Jack Royston, does not rule out: «I believe that Charles will ascend the throne sooner than you think. True, the queen does not want to abdicate. But when will he have to hand all power and chores into Charles’s hands how can he look his son in the eye and say “you won’t be the king?”».

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