Will Smith against the State of Georgia: “No support for the Republicans”

Will Smith he did not look for conciliatory words. “We cannot, in good conscience, provide economic support to a government that promotes regressive voting laws, laws designed to restrict voter access,” explained the actor who, together with the director Antoine Fuqua, has decided to move the production of Emancipation, her next film, taking her outside the borders of Georgia. The film, a story of slaves and liberation, was supposed to have been shot in the Southern state, where the most recent politics has, however, raised a discontent that Will Smith could not ignore.

In fact, Georgia has passed new laws with which to introduce stricter requirements for the identification of voters. According to the opposition, the measures would be aimed at stifling the impact of minority voters, in open contrast to the basic principles of democracy. Will Smith and Antoine Fuqua, in the war between Democrats and Republicans, have decided to take the side of the Democrats, strenuously opposing the political reasons of the state. Emancipation, which should have started shooting in June, will thus be shot elsewhere.