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Will Smith publishes video of Bahian lookalike created by AI; look

The actor Will Smith 55, shared a video on Thursday (6) of her Bahian lookalike created by Artificial intelligence . With diverse reactions on the web, the star of “Bad Boys 4” surprised Naio Barreto 30, creator of the replica.

“What do we call these two?” Will Smith wrote when sharing the video with the caption “Bad Boys in Bahia” on his feed. In the images, the so-called “Will Baiano” appears alongside another man, characterized as the actor Martin Lawrence 59, performer of the character Marcus Burnett, in the “Bad Boys” films.

The repercussion of the “lookalike” through Will Smith’s networks happened on the same day as the premiere of “Bad Boys: Until the End”, the fourth feature film released in the franchise.

A CNN, Naio Barreto explained how he creates a replica of Will Smith using technology. “The common video is made, attached to the website [de Inteligência Artificial]then add a preferred photo and the face in the video is processed based on that photo,” he said.

A public servant and businessman, he also told where the idea of ​​specifically recreating the actor Will Smith came from. “I already characterized myself as Will Smith at costume parties because I had a little resemblance, I already recorded some videos for Instagram too, then I discovered the app and started posting”, he declared.

As for the recognition of his work by the actor himself, Naio revealed that he was “ecstatic”. He concluded by saying that “I had been trying to do this for a long time and it seemed like a distant dream, it finally came true”.

See the video shared by actor Will Smith on his social networks:

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Source: CNN Brasil

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