Home Entertainment William and Harry’s reaction to Charles and Diana’s divorce

William and Harry’s reaction to Charles and Diana’s divorce

William and Harry’s reaction to Charles and Diana’s divorce

Prince William a few days ago has reached the milestone of forty years with the awareness of being a future king beloved by British subjects but above all with the certainty of having built with Kate Middleton the serene and loving family that he never had. Unhappy marriage e “A little too crowded” (it causes Camilla Parker Bowles) between his parents, Charles And Lady Dianacelebrated in 1981, ended in a stormy divorce in 1996. But the split between the two royals had been announced four years earlier: to be precise in December 1992. William and Harryat the time, they had respectively 10 and 8 years. It was mom Dianaas the book recalls Prince William: the real life of a future king by Pierrick Geais, to give his children the sad news before it became public knowledge. The princess took the children aside and explained with all possible tact that the marriage between her and father Carlo was over. Both William and Harry, of course, they burst into tears. But then the eldest son composed himself and surprised his mother with an incredibly mature comment for her age: “I hope you will both be happier now“.

William was only 10 years old, but apparently he understood perfectly well that his parents were trapped in a marriage that made both of them unhappy. Especially since Diana often cried in front of him, always on his side. Once, when she was just eight, it was William who passed the kleenexes to her mother who – locked in the bathroom in Highrove after an argument with her husband – she never stopped sobbing. William, as royal biographer Katie Nicholl recounted, suffered greatly from his parents’ constant quarrels. That ancient pain that profoundly marked his life and his choices. According to royal expert Richard Kay, the prince couldn’t make up his mind to go to the altar with Kate Middleton (so much so that his future wife was renamed “Waity Katie”) just because he didn’t want to make the same mistakes as his parentsthat they officially got engaged just six months after their first meeting. William “had lived thebitter rupture of his parents’ marriage “and was determined to ensure that history did not repeat itself.

At the age of just forty, he can say he made it: eleven years after the royal wedding, he and Middleton, parents of George, Charlotte And Louis, they form one of the most united and envied crowned families in the world. It’s not a casuality. The prince only married Kate when he was sure she was the woman in his life. And the two – as revealed by a source from Palazzo – have planned their royal career, from the beginning of their marriage, in order to “leave room for the role of parents”. Because for William and Kate, children come first, even before the Crown. William has never forgotten the suffering he experienced as a child for his parents’ unhappy marriage. Now that he is a father, history must not repeat itself.

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