Wind: New store concept with emphasis on corporate customers

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Of Costa Ketsietzis

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A historic building in the heart of Kallithea was chosen by Wind for its new main store which the company aspires to be a guide for new large stores that will fully present the services provided by the company.

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Particular importance is given to corporate customers, as Wind, like other telecommunications providers, enriches the range of services and products it provides to professionals and businesses that have started and take their digital presence very seriously.

With an area of ​​230 sqm, the new store housed in the historic building of the Meropeion Foundation (62 Davaki & Aristidou) is the largest of the 230 points of the Wind chain and includes, among other things, a specially designed space (Wind Business Lounge) used for business meetings and presentations of specialized solutions.

In addition, the store is conceptually divided into different zones that follow the categorization of all products and services offered by Wind, with the aim of interaction and a unique customer experience.

There is a special corner for mobile phones (smartphone corner), but also a special area where one can see in practice the possibilities offered by fiber optic connections to the home (Fiber to the Home).

Even on the first floor, Wind, which undertook the renovation of the historic building at a cost of about 1 million euros, plans to operate a technology information center, where events and discussions will take place around the opportunities brought by technology, but also the risks hides.

Turn to the big stores

The operation of the new store takes place in a period when the approval of the acquisition agreement of Wind Hellas by United Group is expected to follow the merger of the company with Nova, which is expected in the first half of 2022.

However, the executives of Wind noted that the new scheme that will be created will be the second largest based on the number of its customers.

As they estimated, the union will definitely need large and modern stores for the new company to present all the products it will offer. However, they added that these are decisions that the new shareholder will take.

Moreover, as the company executives also stated, despite the rise of digital sales channels, 70% of sales are still made in a physical store.

So, if the pilot operation of the store in Kallithea has the expected results, it is not excluded that Wind will open other similar points in other cities of the country.


Source From: Capital

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