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Windows 11 has a new shutdown PC window. Older design than Windows XP

The stable version of Windows 11 was introduced last year, but it feels like the system is still being finalized – Microsoft is constantly changing certain elements that, it would seem, should be ready in the first place. A recent example was the redesigned shutdown window, called by the Alt + F4 key combination, which does not seem to fit into the fresh design of Windows 11 at all. This was noticed by Windows Latest.

Current shutdown menu by pressing Alt + F4

Until now, the shutdown PC window contained a modern icon for “My Computer”, and this was almost the only thing that attributed this pop-up menu to the new system design. However, in the insider build of Windows 11 Build 25174, the developers abandoned the icon on the left – now it’s just an unremarkable window without any hint of user friendliness.

New Shutdown menu by pressing Alt + F4

Surprisingly, even in Windows XP, the corresponding shutdown menu was brighter (in every sense). Therefore, it is strange that Microsoft did not use its own Fluent Design visual style from other parts of the system to modernize this window.

Shutdown menu by pressing Alt + F4 in Windows XP

For comparison, recently the developers did a great job and refreshed the old context menu that has been preserved in the system since the days of Windows 8:

Source: Trash Box

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